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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New Directions!

Hello and Happy (almost) Fall, Y'all!

Did you take a vacation this summer?  I did (from blogging) and am back with vim and vigor.  And a new (old) craft!  Since completely redoing my craft room (you can see the befores and afters here), I've been itching to fire up my Viking and get back to embroidering.  I had only been doing it about a year before discovering fun with paper and glitter, but I couldn't do both the way my craft room was situated before - it was either one or the other - but now I can do either one on a whim by just rolling my chair to either side of the room.  Yay!

Here's my darling embroidery machine.  It's a Viking Designer Diamond, and I just love it.  The software, which I upgraded a couple of weeks ago (so many changes happened in the past two years that I sort of HAD to, right?) allows it to do just about everything but wash dishes for me.  As I hadn't embroidered anything in two years, it was all pretty new again and took a bit of learning to figure things out and remember what I had forgotten, but it's been time well spent.  This time around I plan to really dig deep into all of the options and features available because I want to expand the embroidery business much more than what I'm doing now, which is basically towels, both guest and kitchen, plus a few baby things.  And key fobs - they are so FUN!  I want to do it all right now, but learning is a process.  Baby steps...

Here are a few of my projects and I will share more in the coming days and weeks as I grow this hobby.  At the moment I'm putting most everything I make into the Etsy shop (saving a few for gifts) and I've just barely dipped my toes into the waters of personalizing and customizing.  Eeek!

For a fall wedding or bridal shower.

Meow...Halloween is coming.
Suzani Hearts for just because.

Happy candy corn!


My sentiments exactly.

And these are just a tiny few of what I've been up to for the past couple of months, my "beginner" projects as it were.  Next I'm digging through my closet and drawers for clothes (t-shirts and cotton shirts) on which to practice clothing-type embroidery.

Thanks for joining me (it's good to be back!) and I wish you a wonderfully crafty day!

Happy crafting!

Oh wait, just one more...

My darling crafting companion loves the room too.  She thinks it might produce a handmade winter coat soon.  She could be right.
All embroidered items are for sale in my Etsy shop.


Kristie Goulet said...

I have missed your posts, Shea but so happy you took a little break and wow! your embroidery work is great! So happy you are now able to do both embroidery work and papercrafting in your room. Your crafting companion is so stinkin' cute! :) Hope you are well friend!

Heather said...

Love the new direction!! I love the Orange with Halloween kitties the bestest :0) I am still in Summer Vacation mode...guess I better get busy!! Hugs!!

Shani Thomas said...

Awesome work, Shea!!! Now I just have to say, I really like the candy corn towels, now those are just toooooooo cute.

J. Dorer-Russell said...

I have a Viking Designer SE and still have never done any embroidery. Wish there were more videos on how to embroidery..there is absolutely not much out there on YouTube to help a newbie embroidery person !
Any suggestions ?